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About Us
  • An open way of looking at things
    Pebbled thinks about design and web design mockups a little differently. We don’t think you should have to chase a gaggle of different freelancers or pay a truckload of money for sexy designs. So we’ve wedged ourselves somewhere in the middle. Into the sweet spot!

    Our subscription model means you can use our team of designers for one low, fixed monthly payment. Plain and simple. That’s us.
    And if you’ve got ideas you want to fruition, we can’t wait to meet you.
  • We hear you ask “So how can Pebbled help me?”
    We know what we do best. We keep our subscription prices low by making sure our team can deliver the the most bang for your buck. How do we do it? We have specially crafted our do's and don’ts list, and built a team to match, ensuring we can offer the most essential services you’d need for your project or business. Websites mockups, web and print designs, that’s our jam. Wanna see? Mmmm… Pebbled flavoured jam.
  • The magic of subscription
    The greatest thing about an ongoing subscription is that there are no nasty surprises. We won’t charge you extra because things got delayed or you changed your mind halfway through a task! One revision or five, it all comes at the same cost!

    Subscription service means you can also pop in with design needs at any time, and we’re ready and waiting. Got an idea at 2 am that you need to get going now? No need to call someone tomorrow and organize meetings (ewww). Ain’t nobody got time for that. Hop on and let us know when the inspiration strikes and we’ll get busy cooking. Welcome to the good life, my friend.
  • Q & A Party
    When did you start? 2016

    How many staff do you have? 20-ish and growing

    Where are you based? We started in Australia and now we’re here. Where’s here? It’s everywhere. We love to roam the world like good little Millennials.

    What are your trading hours? We like to keep it fresh and flexible Monday to Friday in AEST. Our standard is to respond to our beautiful clients within 1 business day.

    How do you communicate with clients? We’re currently using Intercom which is a much better option to emails. However, we’re also building a client portal so we won’t need Intercom OR emails in the near future.
Core Values
We want you to have the best and most awesome design. Visit our Plans page for a complete overview of resources or see some highlights below.
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    Add value
    Our mission is to make life easier for our clients. We know that when you run your own business or manage an important venture, things can get really hectic and stressful. Our team is here to support you so you can be a little more Zen!
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    Be human and be excited
    We believe in having personality, and not being a boring professional robot that’s just running through scripts, we love what we do, and were excited and passionate about the direction of the company.
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    Be hungry to grow and learn
    Our entire team is driven to find solutions for growth inside of our company, and we’re always researching and learning what is the latest when it comes to modern amazing design and web design mockups so our clients can have only the best.
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    Build a positive team spirit
    We’re close, I mean really close ... We’re always joking with each other and creating a fun workspace, we dance, we play music, we send funny pictures to our clients, we’re weird and we like it.
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    Do more with less
    We’re all about efficiency, and we won’t try something on just for fun or to see how it’ll pan out because vague ideas result in lost time. Time is the most valuable resource we have so we’re always looking for ways to be more efficient because this means we stay affordable to our clients!
Getting Started
We try to make things as simple as possible! When you sign up you’ll get access to our communication tool, Slack and all of our questionnaires. Fill out the required questionnaire, return it on Slack and voila – easy as 123!
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    Your first step with getting started is going to our plans page and selecting a plan that has the features you need for your business, keeping in mind that each plan has the features of the plan before it. You don’t need to have your end goal in mind or know exactly how you want things to be because we allow you to change plans based on your requirements.
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    Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can be in the loop about what design jobs other people are sending through to us, this may give you inspiration for your future projects!
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    Last but not least, we’re here to help! And if you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ, be sure to ask us by clicking here which will open up a chat so you can ask us anything (although we’re not sure about the meaning of life so maybe don’t ask us that)
Terms Of Service
The language in this document
Although we like to be as human as possible, some of the below points are worded in a way that cannot be written how we’d like, due to legal reasons for both parties… If you've done work with us you know that we don't like sounding highly professional, so this terms of service does hurt our soul a little bit but it’s necessary.